Segafredo Zanetti® - Massimo Espresso - Whole Bean


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Great coffee at decent price and service

The title says it all, weรขโ"ห�re buying sagafredeo from here most of the time

Best Italian espresso

I've experimented and tried many of the imported Italian espresso beans from lavazza, kimbo,etc. The Massimo is the best tasting and most consistent to brew. I use a Vibiemme junior for straight espresso and milk drinks. Flavor is outstanding and smooth. I highly recommend trying the Massimo beans.

Still our favorite coffee

We were first introduced to Segafredo Massimo some time ago at a breakfast place in Scottsdale,AZ. We liked it so much I bought a bag of beans from them and have made it our every day coffee at home. I even grind the beans and take it on vacations, or bring it along when visiting friends or family. It's that good. I've been to Italy, Europe, Asia and all over the US, enjoyed other roasts, but not as much as this one. I appreciate differences in coffee varieties but this is simply our gold standard. So if you've been drinking popular chain coffee and think it's good, give Segafredo Massimo a try and hopefully up your coffee game and pocket the money you save. This is one of life's best values!