Chase & Sanborn® Coffee - Special Roast - Medium Roast - Ground


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Deborah Teel
Best Coffee Ever

This is the best coffee I have ever had. I'm hoping that it will be distributed in Eastern NC. Special Roast. In addition, the customer service is great. Thank you so much. Would it be possible to distribute to the Walmart's in Eastern North Carolina.

Kay Pastor
Been a fan for Decades!

I've been drinking Chase&Sanborn ever since I started drinking coffee, in the mid 70's. First it was out of brand loyalty (my Dad worked for Standard Brands at the time, owners of the brand). But after trying MANY others as an adult, I keep coming home. Unfortunately, I can't find it anywhere locally, but yay, found it here! Great customer service and super fast shipping keeps me coming back. Thanks!

Need to make in K-cups

This was always my favorite coffee for years but I had to stop drinking it when we switched to a Keurig brewer years ago. I kept looking online to see if they ever finally came out with K-cups but still nothing. It’s a shame because I want to drink Chase & Sanborn again but it’s just not the same in those filter things and I get coffee grounds in my cup with those. Why has this company never come up with k-cups in todays day and age? They would do much more business since every other coffee company has made the switch. Most offer bagged or canned as well as k-cups. Think of all the customers you probably lost who now have modern day coffee makers.

Sharon Law

I love Chase and Sanborn coffee ground or instant either one they are terrific!

Michael McLaughlin
The only coffee I use.

I only drink Chase & Sanborn coffee for 40 years. Can’t find in stores any longer. Glad can order by the case.