Hills Bros.® Instant Cappuccino Mix - Sugar-Free French Vanilla


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Why did my PERFECT beverage change?

I used to love this HB Sugar Free French Vanilla Cappucinno. I've been drinking it for years! BUT..... Recently I opened a canister and it was really "off". It didn't disolve as normal, seemed somewhat slimey, tasted weird, and didn't have much coffee flavor at all. After a couple of servings I threw the container out and opened another. Same thing, it was "off". So I tried one more (I have a lot of it in my pantry), hoping it would be ok. Nope...your company must have changed the recipe! This product is undrinkable now and I hate it. This has just ruined the best part of my morning, rolling out of bed and making a hot cup of satisfying delicious cappucinno! I am utterly disappointed. I'm a seriously unhappy, previously devoted, no-longer-fan of Hills Brothers. :( Please change it back!!!

Glen Dawkins
Sugar free Not as good as before!!!

I have been buying the Sugar free WITH Splenda French vanilla Cappuccino for years. Supposedly when Covid hit y’all changed the formula because you supposedly weren’t able to get Splenda. Well Covid is pretty much gone and the sorry substitute sweetener your now mixing with Splenda taste terrible on top of having to double up on how many spoon Fulls needed and it will not dissolve without using a frothier. I refuse to purchase anymore of this until you decide to go back to original formula with straight Splenda for the sweetener.

Timothy Voors

Hills Bros.® Instant Cappuccino Mix - Sugar-Free French Vanilla

Formula Change?

Hills Bros Sugar Free French Vanilla Cappuccino and Sugar Free Double Mocha have been my hot (and cold) beverages of choice for many years. Has the formula changed these past few months? All of a sudden, I have noticed both of them are not as rich, creamy and sweet as before. If so, why change a formula that was perfect before? It makes me sad.

Maureen Stealey

Hills Bros.® Instant Cappuccino Mix - Sugar-Free French Vanilla