Hills Bros.® Coffee - Dark Satin - Dark Roast - Whole Bean - Premium Arabica


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Mason Sherwood
Perfect transaction

I was looking to source my favorite coffee when no one around had any stock, even Amazon was out. I looked and found my preferred product at this vendor and it shipped when promised and arrived when promised. What more could be asked?

Jonathan Holmes
Dark Roast

I normally enjoy all of different types of coffee/roasts. My last purshase of dark roast was over roasted. I contacted the company for an exchange as the coffee was way overoasted burned. All I had was a we're looking into this.. All I wanted was an exchange for any roasted .. I was going to return 5 of the 6 I recieved.
I'm finished doing business with this company after several years of good service.

John V
Crack in a cup

I use this coffee, exclusively, in my Breville Barista Pro, and French Press. Absolutely the best coffee I've ever had!

Out of stock

It would be great if you could keep the Dark Satin Whole Beans in-stock at Woodman's Grocery Store in Janesville, WI
I sent you an email 4 days ago and you haven't responded.

My Go-To Blend

Dark Satin Roast has been my first choice when seeking a rick, flavorful coffee that doesn't go over the top as far as being acidic or overpowering. I look forward to arising and grinding a fresh pot of ambrosia.