Hills Bros.® Single-Serve Coffee Pods - Decaf Original Blend - Medium Roast


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David F
Excellent Supplier

This is an excellent supplies of my favorite brands of coffee. I'm very happy with their selection and delivery process.😊

Patrick Cota
Great service

A+++ seller would definitely do business with again!!

Chester Furtek

I ordered Decaf and received something else. I called the 800 number and left a message. I also sent an email. I have heard nothing from the phone message or the email. I'll be surprised if I hear anything from this review.


Great tasting decaf coffee. Flavor is spot on.

Just good coffee

Our first pot in the morning is percolated. For the longest time (years) we just couldn't find Hills Bros original in the stores anymore. So we started using Chok full of. Very good coffee in a percolator.
After that we like coffee after dinner but we won't drink a hole pot, so we use those K-cups. Now K-cups don't make great coffee. It's worse than auto drip. Is not what brewing really is. It's more like blanching. Coffee was originally slow cooked like a stew with fresh beans. Starbuck coffee uses stale beans. But Chok doesn't make decaf in them that we can find. So we've found a certain brand to fill the gap.
I decided it was time not only to find Hills Bros online for the percolator, but see if they made K-cups too. I was pleased to see both. Oh how I missed HB, slow brewed in the percolator. Hands down the most smooth and full flavored.
I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the decaf in the K-cups. Mostly smooth and full flavored. As close to percolated as one can get! A bit better than auto drip too. We also like the way the cups are designed. 1/4 plastic on top of a biodegradable filter. I think this has a lot to do with the improved flavor from a standard kcup. Hats off again to Hills Bros.
HB coffee is a bit more expensive than most others. baI wish they'd sell it in stores though for several reasons.