Segafredo Zanetti® - Extra Strong Espresso - Whole Bean


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Christopher Wilhelm

I ordered 6 bags of the Strong Espresso whole beans, not knowing that the bags are 1 kg. But that was okay because I’ve tried them before and liked them. Plus, I burn through beans pretty quickly. I typically brew espresso at 1:2 ratio and these beans have a great density for my 18 g dose. The darker roast provides very good grind quality with virtually no clumping. I am using a very average brew temperature which reveals all of the taste notes given in the description. Moving the temperature down yields a lifeless, wet paper bag flavor and above starts to taste burnt. So I am confident that I am in the sweet spot. Do not let the Strong title dissuade you from buying this coffee? This is referring to the roast level and is responsible for the flavor profile. Fantastic coffee.

Company in USA 0 Stars , coffee 5 Stars

Company in the USA does not honor with verbal agreements, do not believe doing business with them, do it in writing, by the way, this will never happen in Italy.

Is the best coffee in Italy

A most for an espresso machine , best coffee ever

Deja Brew!

This is always my espresso of choice every morning. I LOVE how strong and bold this blend is, and the chocolaty notes mean I barely need to sweeten it. My caffeinating beverage of choice every morning is a double-shot of this espresso, a splash of almond milk, and a single pump of flavored syrup. I'll switch the syrups up to keep life interesting, but Segafredo will ALWAYS be my constant. Delish!!